Mattia Schirano


A project done during my freetime!

MarinoBus is one of the most important mobility transport in Italy but there's a big problem. A mobile application full of problems and bugs. After many years using MarinoBus app, I decided to analyze and redesigned it with the goal to make it more intuitive, clear and user friendly.

Desk research and some data

I started my analyze through deep research into digital world about mobility and transportation. Then, I started to read and collect all reviewes and feedback from customers IRL and from app stores. In order to identity different UX paint points, I decided to do a Usability Test of the app and all its functionalities. The results allowed me to focus my improvements in the main area of the app.

My approach and workflow

For each project, I work on, I use different methodology because of needs or external reasons. However, this project is a personal exploration, so I decided to use one of the most complete design approach: Design Thinking.
Thanks to research and analysis, I could outline two kind of User Persona with very different characteristics, need, goals and knwolodge. After this, I tried to understand their approach with the current MarinoBus applications using an User and Empathy Maps.

Build a Design System and Icon library

When the wireframing and concepting part is done, I started with a big restyling of UI MarinoBus followed the brand guidelines. I identified the brand colors, shapes and hierarchy and I associated them to the new font style and new components to make the interface more clear, intuitive and appealing.

New home for MarinoBus

A new "Search" page completely redesigned according to the information hierarchy. A new focus on trips search and new section for future booked trips.

Implementing new features

I decided to redesign and added new functionalities as Payment tickets management and digital wallet. Finally, the user could pay tickets in different way like PayPal, debit/credit card and the users could manage their tickets through Apple/Android Wallet.
Now, in the app, there's a personal wallet. The users could see how money they have, view info about refuend trips and they could make a top up directly in the app. Just in one single page.

MarinoBus on Apple Watch

In order to increase the engagement of new prospects, we have completely redesigned the homepage, giving prospects the opportunity to use a demo and discover some of the many appliances features with some quick inputs to be able to proceed to purchase the products.

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