Mattia Schirano


In the 2020, the mobile application won the Red Dot Award.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Haier is the number one brand in the world in the home appliance market for the twelfth year in a row. Beyond the undisputed quality of the products, a strength point is the mobile applicazione. A unique digital space in which it’s possible to control and manage all your own appliances, compatible with Alexa and Google Home smart speakers.

How did we worked? What was my role?

I worked for this project for 7 months, in which I designed different new features on mobile application, several bug fixes and improvements through research, ideation, design and user testing. We used the Agile Dual Track Methodology to to work closely with the engineering and development team.

What I worked on?

During my work as a designer for Haier, I designed several features and improvements for the app. I used a design critique activity to explore and improve the navigation flow in the app between enrolled appliances. In fact, the current flow had significant weaknesses dictated by incorrect UX and UI choices. Consequently, I analyzed different existed pattern from other apps and testing some possibile flows solutions through Usability Test. At the end, I showed to the client the functional concept solution.

Working on HMI appliance

The Haier top level products (as Fridge or Oven) have an interactive and dedicated touch screen from which the user can interact. When I worked on the Haier project, I had the pleasure to contribute with my experience and knowledge on the HMI User Experience of these products through the introduction of the new features, such as Timer and Weblinks.

The new timer on the fridge feature gives the possibility to manually set, or via Alexa, a timer with a reminder function. Through a new interface for the dedicated widget on the homepage, it will be possible to cancel, reset or stop it without further physical interaction with the screen.

I completely redesigned the navigation between appliances


Gamification & Awarness:

In order to increase the engagement of new prospects, we have completely redesigned the homepage, giving prospects the opportunity to use a demo and discover some of the many appliances features with some quick inputs to be able to proceed to purchase the products.

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