Mattia Schirano


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Dunkest was born as a Web and Mobile application of Fantabasket in 2018. Between 2019 and 2020 I had the pleasure of being able to help, with my experiences and knowledges as designer, to improve the application in different areas.

The Challenge and the starting point

The main task was to analyze the as-is product, trace what the application pain points were and understand how I could improve the platform. The request did not provide for a complete re-design of the application but based on fine-tunings of different application areas.

The re-work process started with a desk research and some analytics data offered by the customers. This allowed me to start the re-factoring process starting from the product sitemap and re-design it in a more user-friendly way capable of bringing an economic benefit to the customer.

A new and improved navigation

The re-work process started with a desk research and some analytics data offered by the customers. Dunkest offers the possibility of being able to play in multiple basketball leagues. However, many users encountered big difficulties in navigation between the different leagues and teams. The solution is based on a single easily accessible drawer from which it is possible to switch leagues but also the single team compared to those created.

This pattern was designed in a dynamic and flexible way so that it could work on Web and Mobile devices giving more consistency to the platform. Once developed, the solution received positive feedbacks from users on the app store.

Dunkest 2021

During the Product setup, we identified some insights among which the possibility of being able to extend the offer, some application areas of improvement and give a design refresh to the platform interface.

I redesigned Draft section

The introduction of the Draft Championships was designed entirely from scratch following the current Design System and creating consistency of style and flows with the previous application. Specifically, all components have been re-designed taking into consideration simplification and, offering the end user, a clear communication of information and possible interactions to be made.

New look for the navbar

With the goal to improve the platform UX, I re-designed, also, the bottom bar of the Mobile application. Through the census of existing entries, a card sorting activity and various field analyzes, it was possible to re-organize the contents in such a way as to make different areas more accessible that are shown more sought after by the average user. On Desktop, the work was different. I opted to propose an interactive sidebar always fixed still to the left of the Viewport. The pattern is based on that of Google Gmail.

Dunkest was selected as the official fantabasket mobile app!

All these design improvements and with the help of an excellent marketing campaign, have allowed the Dunkest platform to be named as the official Euroleague and Eurocup fantasy basketball game , quantifying 29 million views on their Web app and 100,000 registered users on the platform.

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